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Written by Mike Turner   
Thursday, 17 November 2011 11:55

SALISBURY Volleyball Club's' Pagans and Warlocks teams return to action this evening (Thursday) with fixtures against Devizes 6X and Devizes Barrels, respectively.

The Pagans welcome Devizes to Godolphin School for a Premiership Division contest which starts at 9.40pm, with the Warlocks hosting the Barrels earlier in the evening (8.20pm start) in a Division One match.

Meanwhile, the club's Druids side are not in action until December 1 when they host current Premiership leaders Wootton Bassett Aces.

The Druids are second in the table, having completed just one league game to date - their last outing, against Calne Comets, was abandoned due to a serious injury (broken arm) to a player and will be replayed on February 12.


Druids 2011/12 season fixtures

Oct 20  Olympiad (h)  won 3-0 
Oct 23  Calne Comets (a)  abandoned 
Dec 1  Wootton Bassett Aces (h)  
Dec 8  Devizes 6X (a)   
Dec 22  Salisbury Pagans (h) 
Feb 6  Olympiad (a)   
Feb 12  Calne Comets (a)   
Feb 23  Calne Comets (h)   
Mar 8  Devizes 6X (h)   
Mar 18  Wootton Bassett Aces (a)   
April 19  Salisbury Pagans (a)   
  * doubles as Dave Kinder Cup tie   


Pagans 2011/12 season fixtures

Sept 29 Calne Comets (h)  
Nov 17 Devizes 6X (h)  
Nov 28 Olympiad (a)  
Dec 8 Wootton Bassett Aces (h)  
Dec 22 Salisbury Druids (a)  
Jan 15 Wootton Bassett Aces (a)  
Mar 1 Devizes 6X (a)  
Mar 22 Olympiad (h)  
April 1 Calne Comets (a)  
April 19 Salisbury Druids (h)  


Warlocks 2011/12 season fixtures

Oct 16 Calne Asteroids (a)  
Nov 17 Devizes Barrels (h)  
Nov 27 Calne Meteorites (a)  
Dec 8 Wootton Bassett Bees (h)  
Dec 18 Melksham (a)  
Jan 15 Wootton Bassett Bees (a)  
Feb 9 Calne Asteroids (h)  
Mar 1 Devizes Barrels (a)  
Mar 22 Calne Meteorites (h)  
Mar 31 Erlestoke Prison (a) & (h)*  
April 19 Melksham (h)  
  * both matches same day  

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