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Written by Sport4Salisbury Reporter   
Saturday, 03 April 2010 15:07

SALISBURY & District Under 17s caused an upset in this year's Yehlex Inter-District Badminton Cup competition, ending favourites Swindon District’s four-year domination of the event.

It was only the third time in their history that Salisbury had lifted the trophy.

The annual challenge match was played at the Stonar School in Melksham and was a three-way match between representative sides from the Salisbury & District, Mid Wilts District and Swindon & District Badminton Associations.

More than 100 fast and furious games were played.

In the opening round of singles matches the Salisbury team stormed into a 12-3 lead against Mid Wilts and a 10-6 lead against the holders, Swindon.

The doubles matches were even more hotly contested with the Salisbury youngsters just managing to keep their overall lead against Swindon, but increasing their superiority against the Mid Wilts team to such an extent that they had already won the match before the final eight mixed doubles games had been played.

Against Swindon, the match was more delicately poised at 17-15 in Salisbury’s favour, but four wins in the final eight mixed doubles would secure their first victory in this competition since 2005.

Victory was ultimately secured in the fifth mixed doubles with Adam Grant and Hazel Sutton winning against their Swindon opponents, securing an overall 21-19 scoreline for the team and a 25-12 win against Mid Wilts. 

The Salisbury team were: Aidan Beardsley, Daniel Stride, Andrew Stride, Daniel Stephens, Adam Grant, Peter Liversage, Jack Cheesley, Alex Mundy, Melissa Stride, Amy Outterside, Rebecca Outterside, Adele Newton, Hazel Sutton, Sian Cobern and Megan Robertson.

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