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On this sporting day - On This Day
Written by Mike Turner   
Tuesday, 29 August 2017 01:06

Tuesday, August 29

Famous sporting events and news from yesteryear that happened on this day

If it's your birthday - which sports stars do you share your special day with?

1882 Cricket. Australia beat England for the first time prompting The Sporting Times to publish an 'obituary' for English cricket. Australia had won by seven runs - Fred Spofforth took 14-90 in the match (7-46 and 7-44).

1885 Boxing. The first heavyweight title fight using 3oz gloves and three-minute rounds was fought between John L Sullivan and Dominik McCaffrey.

1895 Rugby. At the George Hotel in Huddersfield, the Northern Rugby Union league was formed from 21 clubs in the north of England.

1904 Olympics. The third Olympic Games of the modern era opened in St Louis, Missouri.

1925 Football. The new 'offside' rule became operational - only two players now had to be between the attacker and the goal instead of three.

1946 Athletics. American long-jumper Bob Beamon is born. the former world record holder won gold at 1968 Olympics.

1950 Olympics. The IOC votes to admit West Germany and Japan into the 1952 Games.

1976 Football. Danish player Jon Dahl Tomasson is born.

1986 Cricket. West Indies cricketer Ellis Achong dies.

2009 Football. Darrell Clarke scores as Salisbury City draw 1-1 with Eastbourne Borough at the Ray Mac in front of a crowd of 746.


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